Wild and Whiskery

Were you wondering what this morning’s photo was? Well it’s opened up now and looks …wild and whiskery. What was it? A bat plant or Tacca chanterii. This is the second year it’s flowered so I am pretty pleased about that!

2 thoughts on “Wild and Whiskery

  1. This is fascinating… I just get real bats in my persimmon trees, not near as pretty and I bet, a darn side more smelly! I wouldn’t mind so mush sharing the persimmons, so long as they only ate the ones I couldn’t reach and had the decency to leave the lower ones for me.

    • I don’t have persimmon trees…perhaps we should collaborate! As mine don’t smell at all I’m guessing you win that round. When do bats and flying foxes consider what others want? I think you have to accept they’ll always take the best ones, wherever they are.

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