Only in Darwin

Is there a future Wallaby among these young Rugby players I wonder?

What’s this for you ask? It’s only the start -there was way more ice to come.

A tropical ice floe?

Well if you’re playing rugby in Darwin, even at 7pm, your core temp is likely to go up a tad. How to solve the problem? Well apparently you buy out the town’s supply of ice, buy a few kids’ pools and mix together with some over-heated players.

Strange but true. Only in Darwin!

I think this strategy may have been a secret weapon in the Brumbies’ arsenal as they hammered the Western Force who were admittedly mighty fumble fingered.

The Brumbies took advantage of every time out to chill down. What are those weird shoulder strapping thingies that look like a bra for men?


4 thoughts on “Only in Darwin

  1. The weird shoulder strappy thingys that look like bras for the guys are what they use for the GPS, at the back in the middle goes a little long grey cylinder/rectangle type thing they put into the pouch to record distance they run in a game etc and other stuff crucial to their performance statistics.

  2. Dear ‘cassmob’, did you receive my recent post to you about the McCORKINDALE memorial on Sunday 12 February 2012, at the Queensland Maritime Museum, during the first annual commemoration of the 1896 ‘Pearl’ ferry tragedy, where some 29 people died, and some 60 people were saved by various means. I have some Archibald McCorkindale research for you. kind regards, Paul Seto

    • hi Paul, Yes I did reply on the blog but I’ve also just now sent you an email as well. I wish you all the best for the memorial…I hope it goes well. Congratulations on your book.

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