Rain rain go away…or not

The old nursery rhyme says “rain rain go away” but in reality at this time of year we long for rain and lots of it. At the moment we’ve had a return to the Build Up  (known as Wakaringding by the Indigenous people). This has definitely not delighted Tropical Territorians as the humidity soars and there’s little relief. This time is also known as Mango Madness for the symptoms people manifest as they get more and more frazzled and intolerant from the heat. Usually it’s over by December but this year after early heavy rains we’ve regressed and it’s expected we’ll not return to the monsoons until mid-January. Lovely! NOT!

Yesterday we had a sudden downpour with lots of gusting wind and rain which then passed and left us with clammy oppressive humidity.

The hoya is flowering prolifically in the hot and humid weather, as is the frangipani tree.

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