Cooling down

With temperatures in the mid-30sC and very high humidity, cooling down is a priority. Today we had a family outing to the local pool…so much nicer than sweltering.

4 thoughts on “Cooling down

  1. A delightful picture! Is thsi ‘little person’ one of yours or did you ‘happen upon him’? I am looking forward to following this blog – such a lovely idea… and I can see that photography is ‘up there’ with your other talents. – Angela

    1. Thanks Angela for your kind words..yes the little one is my youngest grandson but I picked one where his features are obscured by the falling water (which I liked). We don’t like publishing up-front ones of the kids online…but of course he’s gorgeous! He was alternately plugging the water spouts from that mushroom or drinking them -to his mother’s horror. It will be interesting to see what inspiration strikes me each day…

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